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They’re Snuffling in Your Crotch

Thanks to the predilections of the right-wing Christianist nut jobs in this country, it’s now impossible to go to a public bathroom without wondering if some judgmental asshole isn’t going to follow you in and demand to see your junk before you can recycle that coffee from breakfast.

What is it about these people anyway? They’re so worried about the “chilren” getting raped, but they’re suspiciously quiet when it comes to actual women being assaulted daily (and not just in public restrooms, statistically safer than most marriages or bars).  Do we hear them getting all up in arms over children being raped by priests and coaches? Or beaten by their parents in the name of Gawd?


Now they’re taking their gun-humping ways into the nation’s bathrooms in an effort to uphold… what, exactly?  Not sure. Nor is there an answer for the age-old question they just made up about “how would Jebus pee?”

I don’t know about you, but I find it really creepy that Creepers for Jebus are threatening people’s privacy for peeing. All in the name of “Christian values”. If that’s what being Christian is, count me out.  I’d rather be a decent human being and respect others’ privacy (in peeing, health care decisions, marriage, etc.).

But hey, that’s just me.  In the meantime, the Christianist attention whores push to shove their own brand of Sharia Law on the rest of us continues unabated and unchecked by common sense, decency, or, apparently, Christian values.



Play Castle Age?

If You’re Female, You’re a  Target

A lot gets written about females playing games. Some games are a class act, even while players engage in war, etc.  But others are not. And if you’re playing, or your children are playing (regardless of gender), you might want to give Castle Age a miss. And, let Facebook know you won’t be playing the game.

Facebook and Phoenix Arts make a buttload of money off of Castle Age, what with people paying for favor points and overpriced generals, etc.  So, you’d think they’d want to protect their name and their income stream.

Not so much.

I had a chance to watch some friends play recently,  and wow, what an eye-opener.

If you are a female player, or identify as  a female player, you are open to the ugliest sexual harassment possible. Players who indulge in this harassment against other players are doing it against the Terms of Service, which prohibit sexual harassment, obscenity, etc. But, the developers do NOT seem to want to stop this. And so, players I know who log in as female are subjected to daily, and often-times daily servings of foul taunts, sexual harassment, stalking, and worse. The players who engage in this crap also appear to cheat quite a bit, and nothing gets done.

So, if you’re going to play Castle Age, be aware. It’s a hostile environment, and the developers do not actually seem to give the proverbial rat’s ass about stopping the vomitous crud that passes for “taunting” and “chat” in the game. This despite consistent complaints from many users (go read the Castle Age forums — they are rife with legitimate complaints about cheaters and harassers).

I’d play something else if I were you. Give your money and time to games that at least make an effort to make the game welcoming to all. Not just to complete losers who think it’s funny to spew filth.

Act Like a Redneck

Expect some Blowback

Two words: Phil Robertson.

Phil, you made a damned fool of yourself. Get real. Stop slagging other people’s human rights and dignity. Your white male privilege is showing and it ain’t pretty.  You have the right to think and say whatever you want. You don’t have the right NOT to be called on it for the bullshit it is. You certainly didn’t deserve to get your job back.  You may think you’ve won. I think you’ve jumped the fuckin’ shark.

That is all.

Calling Out Fox News BS

One Headline at a Time

“Pro-Union Forces Step It Up In Wisconsin”

Come on Fox News. Do you think we don’t “get” that you’re in the pocket of the same oligarchs who are funding the anti-average-American FORCES in Wisconsin? This isn’t about unions and people getting a living wage to you, is it?  It’s really because you can cast this as a “war” in America. What will you do when your rhetoric once again results in lives lost, as it has done in Arizona?

People wanting a wage that will pay them enough to have a place to live and food to eat and warmth for their children are NOT forces. They’re human beings.  For you to cast them as “forces” tells us that you don’t give a shit about people’s rights. You care about headlines. You care about what the oligarchy wants you to publish. You are tools in the hands of the Koch brothers and their wealthy friends who got rich off of exploiting average Americans. Your filthy “news” channel is exploiting people too. Dehumanizing them. Turning Americans into people you actually hate unless you can make money off of them.

You don’t deserve readership nor viewers. You are traitors to the average Americans you claim to be reaching.  Well, a lot of us are tired of your antics. You showed us. We have decided.



GOP Cringing Over Fears of Health Outbreak

WASHINGTON, D.C. Incoming GOP lawmakers are vowing to wean all Americans off of health care in the upcoming session by voting down all facets of health care for most citizens (except themselves).  In particular, they are taking aim at President Obama’s recently passed legislation that seeks to give more Americans access to quality health care.  Speaking off the record, one Republican lawmaker, who proclaims himself to be proud to say “NO” to anything that doesn’t benefit his contributors, said, “We can’t be having everybody get health care. It’s too expensive and besides, it’s just wasted on most Americans anyway.”

When asked whether he was planning to take the government-provided health care available to lawmakers, the incoming Republican said, “Of course. I’m not stupid..”

After dismantling health care, the GOP plans to take on Medicare, with some hopefuls planning to completely reduce its benefits to near zero, while continuing to tax working Americans to pay for it. Following the decimation of Medicare, the GOP will go after public education and infrastructure. The goal, as one spokesman said, is to “return to America to its roots.”

When asked if that meant giving all Americans the same educational standard as the Founders, the lawmaker refused to comment.


The GOP Hates You

Well, it’s official. The GOP is vowing to remove health care from Americans if they gain the House and Senate this fall.  This means that while GOP leaders enjoy the highest standard of health care in this country, funded by their wealthy backers (who ALSO enjoy gold-plated health care), you — the voters they want to put them back in office — will have nothing of the sort.  You can, as far as the GOP is concerned, go crawl into a corner and die.

So, if your child is ill, you can expect that GOP-led insurance changes will make sure that your child doesn’t get the care he or she needs. Your child will die, as far as they care.  If you have a pre-existing condition, or just simply if you get sick for any reason, you can lose your insurance under the changes the GOP wants to make. And you will die. You will watch your loved ones die because the GOP doesn’t want you or your loved ones to have the same kind of health care that they vote in for themselves.   It’s crass. It’s unethical. And it’s Republican.

That’s a fact. And the GOP leaders are cheerfully plotting the death panels that will remove any heath care protections “regular” Americans depend on.

I don’t know about you, but that puts anything they claim Obama was trying to do to shame.


If you vote GOP, you are voting for the REAL death panels.

Breitbart and Fox “News” Owe the Apology

But They Have No Balls for It

First, the White House AND Vilsack and the NAACP do owe Shirley Sherrod an apology, but they’re not the first ones who should be in line to apologize.

Breitbart and Fox News are squarely at fault in this whole mess for crudely editing a video from 30 years ago in order to score political points. Breitbart has the balls to say “it’s not about Shirley Sherrod.” Well, then, Mr. Breitbart (and I use the term “Mr.” with great skepticism — perhaps “bastard” would be better), what WAS it about? Your ability to show us that you can engage in unethical behavior in return for having the rest of American find out that the Tea Party is a lying sack of fools? Well, you just showed us, didn’t you. You showed us that you can actually BE lower than a snake. What the hell were you thinking? That nobody would figure out that you did a botch job on a tape that not only didn’t show what you thought it did (because you didn’t bother to watch it all), but that it showed the OPPOSITE of racism? Did you not think twice before making such a rookie error? You know, legitimate journalists get fired pulling that sort of crap.

But, hey, you did accomplish one thing: you and your minions have shown us that the Tea Party and the GOP stand for the same things — since all of you are in bed together. And Fox “News” is standing on the sidelines, reporting every little BJ you give each other.

I think this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen happen in a long time — to actually think that you all could get away with doing a lousy political hatchet job like this and then not think you would need to apologize when they got caught? Where’s that much-vaunted “responsibility” that you and the rest of the right wing hate squad screech about all the time?

I tell you, I thought the GOP was the party of “values” and “taking responsibility” — but as far as I can tell, the GOP, Fox “News” and Breitbart seem to have the values of ruthless dictators. They are the ones who seem to hate America and the freedoms we are supposedly fighting for all over the place.

Breitbart, Fox, Beck, and the GOP/Tea Bagger party: you stink. You don’t have the balls to admit when you’re wrong, and you’ve really put your foot in it this time. You really stink. And, right now, it doesn’t matter about Shirley Sherrod anymore — she’s got bigger balls than you guys ever will. It’s now about YOU and your clumsy, amateurish attempts to fool Americans into thinking you had something to say. Your message is bankrupt. You don’t represent the America most of us grew up with — the one where we were taught to be fair to each other, to be kind, to respect our neighbors. I doubt any of you know what any of that means.

But hey, it probably raised your stock options, so you’ll get richer from the hatred in the end. For GOPpers, that’s probably all that matters.

For the rest of us — hey Larry, GOP, TeaBaggers, we got yer number.

It’s 86.